Happy clients

As a freelance fundraising, commercial, and catalogue writer, I'm an invisible ventriloquist for my clients' brands.

Whether I'm working for an advertising agency, or directly for a client, I'm employed to raise a smile, make sales, change attitudes, and promote loyalty among their customers.

All that ... without those customers even realising I'm here. Luckily, my clients think I do that rather well.

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"Bloody good letter fella, thanks for all the efforts"
MH, agency Account Director, British Gas
"Retention rate went up from 7% to 23% with these packs. The clients love the activity and really don't want to change it - it is the only thing they are prepared to keep as part of the rebrand"
SM, agency Account Manager, Wanadoo >>>
"Many thanks for a simple, easy, and very good idea and execution"
BM, Founder Partner, Saxonbury Ltd
"Everyone loves it. They were fighting over it on the sales floor ... this is the best mailer we have ever done!"
EW, client Marketing Manager, McAfee Network Associates >>>
"We have a very happy COI client ..."
AD, agency Account Manager, COI